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Design of diagrams and graphs in the thesis

Diagrams and graphs create a lot of problems when writing term papers and theses. On the one hand, you can follow a simple path and ignore these elements, that is, do without them. On the other hand, the better and more interesting the job, the fewer questions will arise during the defense. In the United States, there are rules , national standards and local guidelines of universities, which prescribe in detail the rules for registration. Let's talk about them.

Features of the design of diagrams

If it is possible to play with color in the thesis, it is only with diagrams. Linear, circular, petal, point - there are many options. But all of them are united by a number of requirements. Whatever the diagram, it should be:

That is, if only you can't write something. Anchoring to the text, semantic validity is important. The text is entered and filled quite easily, then it is automatically grouped into blocks and reflected in the diagram. At the same time, sometimes you have to control the correctness of the transfer, and evaluate how clear and accessible the material looks.

Each diagram is numbered and signed. Above the image is put down the serial number in Arabic numerals and through thier e without the decimal point indicates the name. The location itself should be where the data and the diagram itself are first mentioned in the text. If the volume does not fit on the same page with the text, you need to leave free space after the paragraph to display the diagram from scratch. In cases where the scale is too large (for example, a three-dimensional graph), it is allowed to transfer the diagram to applications. To find out that you have done everything correctly, contact the specialists for help.

Rules for charts

A graph is essentially a line chart. And the general requirements for design and content are similar. However, there are a number of subtleties to consider:

a reference point serves as a reference point for marking positive values ​​- you can move up or to the left;
verbal description is used only in the text under the picture;
the independent variable is located on the abscissa axis, since the horizontal position dominates in the two-dimensional coordinate system;
lines and vectors on the graph can be of various thicknesses and colors, including in the form of dashed and solid lines - this makes dynamics and information easier to see;
it is not recommended to use a color background.

Charts are always about analytics. Excessive information content due to words overloads perception and makes the text inconvenient, complex, incomprehensible. Meanwhile, graphs, like other visualization elements, are designed to simplify, not complicate the task.

There are a lot of graphs. They are made out using a special option on the upper control panel of the Word program . The number must be entered in Arabic numerals and the name of the schedule is indicated. Often students make mistakes when designing graphs in Word for their coursework, but they can ask professionals for help with this

Important findings

Without diagrams, diagrams and graphs, the thesis looks "boring", but putting all the best on your own work at once is also ridiculous. Balance and relevance are important. If there is nowhere to insert a graph on the conditional topic "Description of butterflies" due to the fact that it is simply not needed, do not be zealous.

An important nuance. Diagrams and graphs can not only be drawn up with your own hands, but also belong to the authorship of others. For example, it is appropriate to refer to statistics and analytics of scientists in the thesis. Then such diagrams are accompanied by a footnote to the source and are drawn up according to all the rules, up to the indication in the bibliographic list.

Remember, visualization elements do not have to cover the entire volume. These are auxiliary, but in no way the main parts of the content. We understand that one article cannot tell everything. Moreover, let's say from our own experience: it's better to do it once with your own hands than to read the algorithm ten times. The website of the company has comprehensive information on how and where to order a finished thesis , so as not to waste time writing and not worry about the quality.

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