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10 Advanced dissertation writing tips from expert-writers
If you are a PhD scholar, then your biggest fear is the preparation of your dissertation. It is considered proof of all those endless hours that you have invested in your research "essay writer". No doubt your compass are the supervisors, the university committee, and your classmates. Nevertheless, you have to do a major bulk of the work. Let us help you by giving a few tips to help you achieve this milestone.

Follow a Schedule

Try to follow a schedule so that you meet the actual deadlines that are set by your supervisor. Get yourself in a writing routine so that you can give your best with respect to your research. The most important thing that you need to do is to fit your schedule according to your habits. If you are a morning person then try to fit your writing sessions in the morning. Just pick the hours in which you can deliver the results efficiently.

Do not wait to start writing

Do not shift your writing session the next day. The time to start typing. The longer you wait, the more it is going to be difficult for you to manage the hours until it is virtually impossible to meet the deadline. There is no point in arguing. The main argument is the one that you will put in writing.

Revise and Proofread your work

Remember that your first draft is not the final draft. There is no way that you will be perfect in your first draft or many other drafts for that matter. You will have to revise the whole parts of your first draft. Just take the criticism lightly and keep writing your dissertation.

Try to avoid the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a reality that happens to all of us during our academic lives. This can also result in you missing your deadlines. Just try to move along the block and try to continue your dissertation. If you miss your smaller deadlines then just your schedule. The best way is to set shorter ones so that you are able to give yourself a bit of buffer in case you have to push any of them back.

Write your introduction in the end

In most cases, your supervisor will be able to find that the introduction you have written is not as per the required demands of the dissertation that you have written. Write the body of your research first. Once you are finished your writing, gather your thoughts, and write your introduction and abstract. This is the best advice we can give as your dissertation evolves a lot during those hours of research and writing.

Do not linger on the chapters

If you find that you are stuck on a single chapter then please do not be afraid. Move on to the next chapter so that your time is not wasted. As long as there is an outline of the arguments that you are presenting, then you can move around the difficult chapters and use your time more efficiently to write some easier and straightforward sections of your work. This will also give you more confidence in your abilities and you will find that you are able to finish your work on the due date.

Get your feedback earlier

Although this tip is dependent on the schedule of your supervisor, it is advisable that you try the same. Search your work with them on a regular basis so that you would know where your research is going. They will point out your flaws and alert you to your problems sooner. This way, you are able to work out the difficult parts of your dissertation. Smaller versions along the way will save you the trouble of rewriting down an entire chapter from scratch.

Take Care of your health

Just because your dissertation is one of the most important milestones of your life does not mean that you should let your health slide. It is easier to conduct your research if you are in perfect health. Remember to eat well, get enough sleep, and stay active. Sometimes, a little walk around the park can help you gather your thoughts and clear your mind. Otherwise, constant mental and physical stress can result in permanent health damage.

Give yourself short breaks

Remember that writing is a full-time job during your days at the university. But that does not mean that you need to work nonstop as a machine. If you work more than you actually can then you will burn yourself out "essay writing service". Take short breaks so that you are able to keep your peak physical form. At the same time, please do not say no to socialization. Participate in activities with your peers so that you are able to build some “bonds”. Your friends can understand if you miss some of these social events, but they will not like it if you miss all of them.

Use a reference manager

This is perhaps one of the most important tips that we can give you. Yes, you know the required style of citation but remember that you will not be able to write down more than a hundred of these correctly. Using a reference manager like Zotero or Endnote will make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. It will also help you to track all the papers, journal articles, and books that you are using in your dissertation. It will lighten a lot of your load that can otherwise be used for rest and relaxation.

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