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Most affectionate small dog breeds that make for amazing emotional support animals - 2021 Guide
Dogs are amazing. Isn’t it? They are perfect emotional support dog letter with the ability to support people struggling with mental disabilities. Emotional support animals provide people suffering from mental issues with therapeutic benefits including comfort in social setting and anxiety relief without any special training. While all dogs can offer support, some breed traits make a dog best suited for this role. Here are ten breeds of dogs to consider if you are looking for an ESA.
Labrador retriever
Labrador Retrievers are energetic and happy and will make you perk up when you are not feeling good. These dogs are best at helping people with mental illness due to their gentle demeanor and intelligence. They are also very athletic and never give up an opportunity to do some retrieving, hiking, and agility. This breed is highly food motivated which makes them easier to train than other dog breeds.

Labradors also love to play with kids and best to welcome into dog nail clippers families. It is not wrong to say that Labradors are an all-rounder and perfect choice as an ESA.
Poodles are hypoallergenic, super social, and best at adapting to their environment. They also tend to live longer than other dog breeds. However, unlike other breeds, they need some serious grooming as their hairs never tend to stop growing.
Poodles are of five different sizes: Miniature Poodle. Standard Poodle, teacup Poodle, Klein Poodle, and Toy poodle. Due to their high level of intelligence and sensitive noses, they respond well to all new tricks. They are active and loves fetching things. They are smart enough to emotional support animal letter detect your emotions and provide emotional support by lying on your lap.  
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 
They are sweet original lap dogs because they love snuggling on pillows and cuddling in a lap. They are playful, friendly, peaceful, and gentle. They are very polite to humans and also mix with other dogs and cats. Their expressive eyes and floppy ears provide positive energy to people suffering from mental illness. However, sometimes the sweet temperament of these dogs lead to a timid personality.  Due to the shedding of hairs, you can find lots of hair on your sheet and couch.These dogs are chaser and runner when you play with them fetch games and offer them long daily walk.
These short legs dogs were bred originally to hunt burrow dwelling animals like rabbits and badgers. Due to their training, they act as the best family companion. These dogs are friendly, affectionate, and playful. People who suffer from anxiety and depression are affected positively by the dachshund’s active energy. These dogs have lots of energy and stamina due to their trait of prior hunting. Besides the daily walk, these dogs love playing outdoors with other dogs and cats. Another amazing quality of ESA letter these dogs is that they don’t need frequent bathing as they don’t shed their hairs. They need weekly cleaning of ears and regular brushing as certain bacteria, fungi, and mites can hide in their ears.
Pugs are also chosen as an emotional support dog because they possess many expressions like happiness and surprise. These dogs are considered as ideal domestic dogs as they love to lay with kids both in the countryside and city. These small pugs are always affectionate and energetic to families. They please you with their playful antics and sparkling eyes which helps you to get rid of depression and anxiety. These dogs also possess lots of energy and they not only seek their owner's attention but also love running around which provides an opportunity for a person to breathe fresh air. The smooth, glossy, and short coats of these cute pugs do not shed but they need grooming weekly to look attractive.
Bichon Frise  
Another popular breed of dog that serves the purpose of emotional support is Bichon Frises. Their hypoallergenic fur coat is the glory and biggest feature of Bichon Frise. These dogs are intelligent and very easy going but they are alert to strangers. They are confident, happy, and curious to show their love to owners. The big hug from these dogs at the time of stress provide great emotional support and make you feel relax. These dogs are highly energetic and need daily exercise such as training, games, and outdoor walk. These four-legged friends love to stay by your side which is the best way for you to relax.  
 Chihuahuas are known for being nippy and yappy, but in reality, they are very loving and loyal companions. These dogs also have a great advantage of being small that makes them ideal to travel with. If you are suffering from depression and anxiety then get an ESA letter from your registered mental health care professional. An emotional support dog certification will certify your dog as an emotional support animal from your registered mental health care professional and enjoy living with your ESA.
The ESA letter must states that you are suffering from mental illness and the ESA dog is important to your emotional wellbeing. The ESA letter for housing must be dated and signed and include the mental health care professional license type, license number, and date when the letter was issued.
These dogs are also known as monkey terriers and are delightful and ideal companion. These dogs are affectionate and provide best emotional support at the time of stress. Just a look at the face of Affenpinschers puts a smile on your face. With their cute mannerism and cheeky behavior, they make you happy and also help you to cope with stress. 
Originally, Corgis was bred for farming but due to their friendly personality, they are perfect as an emotional support dog. Corgis are obedient, playful, friendly, and affectionate. Their cute behavior and expressive faces help you to relax and get rid of your negative emotions.
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